In bullet point form make a list of everything you do on a daily basis. 

Include the following:

Things you like to do

Things you have to do

Things you want to remember to do

Things that would be good for you to do

Refer to this list when writing your schedule.

suggestions FOR YOUR SCHEDULE!

Set reminder alarms on your phone

Include Meditation- Try out the Calm App for help

Include a time slot for unexpected task

Don't over extend yourself


Decide when you want to wake up

And when you would like to go to sleep

Now use the list to fill the time slots

Save and try it out!

think for yourself!

We are all watching more news than ever right now do yourself a favor and do not let the person providing you with the news decide how you should feel about it. This goes for TV Programs, Radio, Podcast, Commercials, Ads, Social Media Post as well.

check in on friends/family!

Delegate some time towards checking in on friends and family.

Consider this separate from your daily talks with people.


Choose a time to make your calls


Select which 5-10 people you would like to check in on


Set 10 minute alarms at the beginning of each call. 

Huge time saver, On Saturdays I usually set out to call people but my first or second call goes on for nearly an hour and then I lose the urge to call anyone else. I recently added this to my schedule and it makes a world of difference. Good Luck!


Now more than ever before men especially need to go above and beyond to please their women. Women can be emotional and if your like me and your woman happens to be a cancer (LOL) some days these emotions can get the best of her which leads to pointless bickering. We all have to practice patience, understanding, compromise. And fellas do not let this time be boring.

Give her massages

Practice Reflexology

Friendly Competitions

Cook Together 

Plan a Post Pandemic Vacation

Binge watch a netflix series together


We all put on a few pounds thanks to one too many door dash orders and way too many Netflix series but now we have to try to keep fit. You may lack motivation or you may not know how to.


Ladies, I strongly recommend you visiting and contacting 

Brooke Diaz Instagram Page

Men, I recommend you visiting

James Astacio Instagram Page

Get motivated and get to work!

send a SCREEN LOCK text!

Individuals that hate talking on phones. Screen Lock is a perfect way to handle business over text message.


When you receive a Screen Lock Request Text Message you are being asked for your complete undivided attention for the duration of the conversation.

You can not leave the message thread until the time is over.


This is a very effective way to strategize with a group or to simply get all your thoughts out to a person at a time most convenient for everyone.


Me: Hey, Screen Lock 8:00PM-8:20PM?

You: 9:30 PM- 9:50P works better for me?

Me: Great! Talk soon!

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