The space created for your generation

Mission Statement

Eliminate the unfortunate circumstances that currently prohibit today’s young adults from achieving success.

Mission 24 Vision Statement

Erase the Mental Health Issue in America and greatly increase the percentage of successful ventures among the Gen-Z & Millennial Generation 

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Brand Identity

A company years ahead of its time, Mission 24 is creating new opportunities for both Millennials and Generation Z’s in such an extraordinary way. Introducing a new concept of Generational Shared Space. This all but ordinary company provides the space for these two generations to excel in an environment customized to compliment their unique capabilities. As the Mission 24 team has laid out concise plans to reach communities of all sizes at great speeds young adults everywhere will be on the fast track to success.

Noble Purpose

Mission 24 exist to support the Gen-Z and Millennial Generation on their journey to success. 

Why we exist

Past generations have revealed an inefficient system that have prevented great minds from flourishing and identifying their fullest potential.

What we do

We level the playing field. We provide clarity and answers to important questions. We customize a space that will benefit these two generations like nothing before our time. We combat mental health. We help members identify their passion and realize their fullest potential. We make the process enjoyable in the most innovative way possible.

How we do it

The input of Millennials and Generation Z’s throughout the country allowed us to accurately customize each space to the various yet most common interest. Over three years of building strong business connections allow us to assist members effectively. Advanced Software created to guide every member efficiently. A team of Innovators formed to guarantee ongoing opportunities for these two generations.

Elevator Speech

Shared Work Space and Shared Social Space combine to form Mission 24 a one of a kind member based company that integrates an array of services designed to assist and support the Gen- Z and Millennial Generation on their journey to reach success.

Brand Wheel

Generational Exclusivity


First Ever 24/7 Generational Member Based Company created by Innovator Marcus Reed, Health Specialist Summer Coles and Millennial Innovations.

Membership as low as $10 monthly
Consistent Entertainment and Events
Advanced Health and Wellness Efforts
Around the clock Business Assistance
Innovative Software and Services
Advanced Variation of Modern Day Coworking
Business Expertise Consulting/Coaching/Mentoring


New Hires Must Haves


I wish I could see my friends on a more consistent basis?
Mission 24- Mutual location for gatherings
I don’t know what I want to do with my life?
Mission 24- Helps members identify their full potential
My house is always so loud, but I can’t afford an office to get my work done?
Mission 24- For as low as $10 a month fulfill all your office needs
I want to start my own business but I don’t know where to start?
Mission 24- Around the clock detailed assistance
I have so many ideas but how can I make money off of them?
Mission 24- Experts in Monetizing Ideas, See Innovation Labs
Why are there no fun things to do these days?
Mission 24- Shared Social Space will surpass all expectations for fun and entertainment.
I’m sad and anxious all the time and I don’t know why?
Mission 24- The combination of Shared Work Space and Shared Social Space works to combat mental health issues. Mission 24 also offers innovative mental health services
No one cares about the opinion of our generation.
Mission 24- Have your opinions received by the masses with our interactive podcast Mission Speaks

Core Values

When you do all the right things for all the right reason there is nothing to hide. For this reason Mission 24 transparency will never be questioned and the public will always have the opportunity to engage in conversation with company representatives through various channels. 
Work & Life Balance
Shared Work Space and Shared Social Space combine to form Mission 24. Signifying the important balance of work and life. An important balance that will help improve and maintain a strong mental health.
Community Togetherness
As we aim to fill the void in selected community, Our company acts as a convenient mutual location for members of a community to gather and be one.
There is no lack of Confidence in our abilities to provide immense value to every person associated to Mission 24. This confidence is transferred to every member as they develop a brand new outlook on life with us in their corner.
We think outside the box and we advise our members to do the same.
The products and services provided inside our centers creates a level playing field. Regardless of financial class, race, sex, beliefs Mission 24 exhibits non biased, equal, and fair opportunity for young adults.

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Verbal Tone
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