A team of Millennials looking to change the world in 2020

This New Years 2020 take action and donate to Mission 24 and help us reach our goal to begin deploying Shared Space Centers for Millennials.


After 4 years, 2020 prepares to welcome Mission 24 Centers to Millennials. A Humanitarian Project that seeks to change the lives of Millennials everywhere.

Cost Efficient Daily Entertainment

Five Star Business Assistance

Mental Health Improvement

Career Development

Innovative Practices


Mission 24 operations will result in 10,000+ New Jobs and Opportunities for Millennials

Lucrative Jobs for Millennials

Decrease Number of Suicide

Decrease Number of Drug Overdose

Increase Community Morale

Increase State Revenue


See how New Jersey​ benefits from Mission 24 operations

New Jersey Jobs Increase

$9 Million Increase to State

New Jersey Recognition

Morale Increase Suicide Decrease


Mission 24 Real Estate Committee identified a total of 285 buildings throughout 21 New Jersey Counties.


Each building fit our specific criteria which would allow Mission 24 to set up operations throughout New Jersey. This is a big win for Millennials in New Jersey!


The Mission 24 Team is made up of young hardworking millennials who may all have 9-5 jobs but find the time to work on pursuing their passion and helping others do the same.


"I created the Algorithm for a business database years ahead of its time, every Mission 24 member will gain access to these databases to create and run their business effectively."

Early Stage Start Up Ventures is our speciality. From planning to grand opening to expansion we provide services that work.


On New Years Eve and moving forward the Mission 24 Team advises Millennials to use their voice on social issues that impact them through the powers of social media.


Millennials United Movement

This 2020 Movement seeks to provide aid to millennials through an aggregate of advanced innovative services. Empowering Millennials in a way that has never been done before. 

Mission 24 affiliation to this movement will help maximize opportunity and minimize the problems that affect todays young adults

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